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Cobra Chi


Let us introduce you to the Cobra Chi strain, a beautiful flower created by Beleaf Genetics. The Cobra Chi plant grows heavy and dense buds with pearly white crystals. The amber hairs are thin and grow over the center of each bud.

Strain Info:

The lineage is a cross between Margwa #1 and Chimera #3 weed strains created by Beleaf Genetics.


  • Margwa #1 X Chimera #3 strains


This cross produce beautiful evergreen buds, pearly trichomes, and cheddar-colored hairs and when ready for harvest, its rare pearly white iridescent crystallized trichomes and deep olive-coned shaped buds can yield top-shelf sales.


The Cobra Chi strain is insane!!! I really love this strain, with her Gassy Sweet Kerosene and bright fruit terps. She is quite a specimen, with great yield, amazing node spacing and stunning structure. Really easy and fun to grow.

Growing Information

Growing the Cobra Chi strain is ideal for novice and advanced growers as it is easy to maintain with special accommodations, a trellis net is recommended for this cultivar as she produce heavy buds. She finishes in 60 to 65 days and offers dense and heavy buds all the way up and down the branches. Medium tall plant with strong branching.


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