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Simple City OG


Strain Info:

Simple City OG is an Indica strong variety created in Washington D.C. by DC Pharmhouse by crossing (Florida OG X Florida OG X Florida OG X Afghan) bred by Olympics seeds. This cultivar has a true jet fuel gassy terp profile and is a high THC dominant variety that can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.


  • (Florida OG X Florida OG) X (Florida OG X Afghan)


Simple City OG has a greasy and extreme sticky trichome cover flower that look absolutely fantastic, with well-shaped buds with a vibrant blend of forest greens in the winter snow frosty.


Simple City OG


Simple City OG strain is a powerful mix of Florida OG and Afghan that will have you stuck. This flower’s complex terpene profile makes it an absolute favorite among users who love a true OG and gas smells combined with a potent high.

As an Indica Dominant, this bud will turn a rough day into a relaxing full bliss, leaving you with no worries for hours on end. Simple City OG strain is one of the strongest Indica’s you will ever smoke, plan ahead with this one. These dense, shaped nugs have bright neon hues and a gassy scent overtone. All this goodness hides under a beautiful coat of frosty trichomes that stick to your fingers.

Growing Information

Growing Simple City OG strain is ideal for novice and advanced growers as it is easy to maintain with basic accommodations, a trellis net is recommended for this cultivar as she gets extra heavy in the last four weeks of flower. The flowering period is 9 weeks, you will be satisfied with Simple City OG nugs and funky fuel aroma.


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