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Watering with Coconut

Coconut Water

Coconut water is an effective plant growth promoter because it contains plant hormones that can stimulate root development. It is also a safe and sustainable alternative to artificially made rooting hormones. Coconut water is a good source of auxins, which are plant hormones that promote cell division and help roots grow. It also contains cytokinins, which stimulate cell growth and help prevent leaves from wilting. Coconut water is also rich in minerals, including potassium, which is essential for plant growth.


  • Coconut water can replace any grow formula. If you feed your plants with coconut water then it will help your plant to grow faster and more vigorously.
  • We have a misconception that coconut is a fruit but coconut is a seed, infect the biggest seed on planet earth. Just like any other seed, it contains enough nutrition for the plant to grow until it develops sufficient leaves to make its own food.
  • Coco water has cytokinins hormones that signal the plant to divide cells in the roots and growing shoots, equaling explosive growth.
  • It also has gibberellic acid, which increases germination of seeds and root development in cuttings, so you can always use it in your seed starting mix instead of plain water.
  • Coconut water is also a great source of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that are needed by your plants.


  • Dilute coconut water before applying it to your plants. Mix 50 ml coconut water per 1 L plain water.
  • Use fresh & raw coconut.
  • Please be aware of the difference between coconut water and coconut milk. Coconut milk is heavily processed and boiled from the tough meat of the older, brown coconut seed and may have had its cytokinins denatured in the rendering process.

…Imagine if a pure, sustainable ingredient like coconut water could potentially change the way we grow?

Well, it turns out that it absolutely can, and research shows that coconut water for plants is really old news. Coconut water is so effective that even labs use it to help their tissue cultured plants grow faster. The more you learn about how coconut water affects plant growth, the more you’ll question why you haven’t heard about this before!

Coconut water “acts as a potent stimulus to the growth and development of plant tissue.”

Case studies date back to over 50 years ago, where Dr. El Hinnawy from the university of Amsterdam concluded that fresh coconut water provides “maximum growth stimulation without toxicity to the root tissue” and “acts as a potent stimulus to the growth and development of plant tissue.”

A quick Google search will reveal that Dr. Hinnawy is not the only one to make such bold claims about using coconut water to grow better plants. Many case studies support his findings, and advancing technology means that researchers can look much deeper into why coconut water is so effective for plant nutrition. Research is uncovering that coconut water works just as effectively as artificial plant growth hormones in propagation – this is thanks to several factors like hormones, amino acids, vitamins, micronutrients and complex carbohydrates that are all beneficial as plant growth boosters.

Hormones are one of the many reasons that it works so effectively. First discovered in 1880 by Charles Darwin, hormones in plants influence growth and development – just like in our own bodies. They help plants to respond to external stimulants like light, warmth, or damage. For example, when you cut back the growth tip of a plant, hormones signal for a new growth tip to develop further down the stem and you’re likely to see encouraging bushier growth – this is thanks to the hormone auxin. Scientists have created something called plant growth regulators, or PGRs, to mimic these responses and encourage the type of growth they want (bigger fruit, taller plants, or bigger leaves). Coconut water naturally contains plant growth hormones in ratios that are proven to speed up the growth in both roots and foliage of young plants and encourage branching of more mature plants.

Another contributing factor is the presence of amino acids in coconut water. In fact, it contains all the amino acids that are essential to plant growth! If you’re familiar with amino acids and their role in plant development, you’ll understand why they’re also known as “the building blocks of life”. Just like hormones, plants produce amino acids themselves too, but this process takes a lot of energy. When amino acids are applied through a foliar spray or soil additive, the plant doesn’t need to work as hard creating them and instead use its energy elsewhere (like growing multiple growth points and developing more vigorous root systems). Amino acids also play a role in protecting plants against disease and insects. Plants that are weak hold extra water between the cell walls, providing easy access to fungal infections and sucking insects. Amino acids promote the growth of stronger cell walls and form a physical barrier against potential invaders.

Coconut water also contains most of the nutrients required in plant growth (including micronutrients that aren’t commonly found in fertilizers). One study proves that using coconut water to grow tomato seedlings increases

leaf mass by double and root mass by nearly triple (Mamaril et al 1994). The same study showed that the plants grown with coconut water absorbed more calcium – which could by why coconut water is so effective for supplementing calcium-loving plants like the watermelon peperomia (also known as Peperomia argyreia).

Although the calcium content in coconut water isn’t as high as houseplant fertiliser, adding it to your fertilising routine will boost the nutrient uptake to give you more vibrant foliage, faster growth and more resilient plants and gardens.

“If we can benefit from faster growing, healthier plants by using eco-friendly products that work just as well their synthetic alternatives, count us in!”

Not only is it proven to be an effective plant growth promoter, but coconut water is also a safe and sustainable alternative to artificially made rooting hormones. Using coconut water to speed up growth of cuttings is so much better for your indoor jungle and our environment. That’s because synthetic plant growth regulators (or PGRs) are chemically made and using them has known adverse effects on us and our planet. On the flip side, the coconut palm does not require herbicides or pesticides to grow, and harvesting it leaves a minimal carbon footprint. Unlike synthetic PGRs, it’s safe around children, pets and our waterways. If we can benefit from faster growing plants by using eco-friendly alternatives that work just as well as their synthetic alternatives.

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